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Where are the promoters, registrar, and rating agency CRISIL who given 5/5 rating to such company, who is unable to keepthe stock price at the lower band of issue price.

Howwill the NSE-SME exchange can boost the confidence of retail investors?

Only opening ceremony by Honorable Finance Minister on is notenough in this reference.

You can also click the link to verify if your Aadhaar details are already updated in your bank account.

Note: If your mobile number is not linked to your Aadhaar, the link below will not work for you and you will have to visit your branch.

Don''t apply 5 rating issues go for 1 or 2 rating like max alert.5 rating means garanted negative return .1 or 2 rating means high chanches of bumper listing.think before u invest bcs of money is your not rating agencies I sold my 300 shares @ 360 today sell order between 110 to 1158.

Surway shows that 97% retail investor,s are loser in primary and secondary market look last 5 year,s ipo/fpo performance.nobuyers no sellers that to at the time when it has just got listed, what willhappen of it later on is anybody‘s guess.Most brokers and peopleconnected to the market are clueless as to what is going on.There islack of transparency, volume and clarity in call auction system of NSE.Many of our friends also having shares of Thejo Engineering IPO(INE121N01019) and want to exit at any cost due to panic conditions.They only described about listing on the SMEplatform of NSE.

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