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Oregon law states that marriage revokes a will subject to two exceptions: The will states the maker intended it to remain valid following marriage or a prenuptial agreement addresses marital inheritance rights.

Most state laws reflect the general principles outlined in the Uniform Probate Code.

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Historically, common law held that marriage invalidated a previously made will.

However, today, if a party fails to revise a will after marriage, the effects vary based on individual state laws.

For example, Texas does not have a pretermission statute; thus, marriage does not revoke a will in whole or in part.

In Texas, a will made prior to marriage is honored even if it fails to name a spouse as a beneficiary.

Title 14, Chapter 3 of the Arizona Revised Statutes contains the law relating to wills in the state.

In essence, any individual over the age of 18 and of sound mind can write a will, provided that he complies with all other legal formalities.

Therefore, in a state such as Texas, it is crucial for people to review and update their wills after marriage.

Otherwise, a person may be inadvertently left without assets if her spouse dies.

They both declare wills are revoked by acts of divorce or annulment.

If a party wishes to make a will devise for a prior spouse, a new will should be drafted because prior wills are generally terminated by operation of law.

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