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Her father Ron found her hanging by a cord inside her wardrobe the day after her online friendship ended.

Police who later examined Megan's computer found a message in which "Josh" told her the world would be a better place without her.

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But she is demanding answers why the neighbour - who even attended her daughter's funeral before being unmasked - would carry out such a fraud.

The woman who created the fake profile has not yet been charged with a crime.

We just can't understand it." Officials in Dardenne Prairie now plans to pass a law to outlaw cyber-bullying."People are just totally shocked.

They can't believe that an adult would have done this," said the town's mayor, Pam Fogarty.

Internet addiction disorder covers a variety of compulsive Internet activities including the following: Though the Internet is often a great way of escaping reality, spending excessive amounts of time on the Internet engaging in cybersex, viewing pornography, spending time in adult chat rooms or carrying out relationships in online fantasy worlds can begin to have negative repercussions on an individuals real life relationships.

On the World Wide Web we are able to change our identity, remain anonymous and engage in fantasies all from the privacy of our own homes.A 13-year-old girl committed suicide after falling victim to cyber bullying by an adult neighbour who pretended to be a teenage boy.Megan Meier believed she had been instant messaging with a "cute" boy she had met over the social networking site My Space.However, online relationships are often far more intense than those in reality and there is opportunity to live out our ultimate fantasies.A huge problem with online relationships is that many people online lie about their sex, age, appearance, relationship status and job, meaning that when online friends meet in real-life, unfortunately they may not live up to one another’s online persona resulting in significant emotional distress.Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) is the term used to describe excessive computer use which begins to interfere with daily life.

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