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Most days, I awake thanking God for the ability to just get up, and go to work — at all!

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My bosses and the Human Resources office thanked me for making this aspect of their jobs easier.

Later, when we met to talk, my bosses both expressed how well my schedule changes and other accommodations had worked out during the past year, and readily agreed with my suggested accommodations for the next year.

It is very important to show that an employee can do the job well with the help of an accommodation, because ADA laws do not protect employees if a reasonable accommodation is not enough to help them do the essential functions of their job.

She filled out the FMLA form after the appointment and sent it to my employer’s human resources office.

I am grateful, and thank God frequently for the work situation that I have been blessed to enjoy, where they follow not only the letter of the ADA and FMLA law, but the spirit of it, also.

Benjamin Franklin’s well-known words include the idea that early to bed, and early to rise can make us healthy, wealthy and wise.With some footwork and planning, a Lupus patient can coordinate workplace accommodations and flexibility for facing health challenges the might otherwise threaten their job.Sometimes, in past years, my bosses have asked me to make some changes to the accommodations, and by meeting and conferring, reached workable solutions that were better for them, while also accommodating my lupus limitations.After the meeting, the final paperwork filed with the Human Resources office documented we had meet and conferred about my accommodations, as the ADA requires them to do, and the human resources department responded by issuing their endorsement of the arrangements.Communication and cooperation between employee and employer can make all the difference!I asked them if there were any problems or concerns but there were none.

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