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If you feel confident that you’re going to God first to satisfy many of your needs, you’re ready to get out there and start pursuing healthy relationships. There aren’t any hard and fast rules around age limit and dating.We just want to be careful if there’s a huge divide in maturity and life experience.This can lead into codependent behavior, manipulation, depression, anxiety, etc.

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Your decision to love them, make commitment and make covenant for the rest of your life is powerful and important decision. However, it’s still your choice to make and God would never force anyone to do something they did not want to do.

To conclude, the question of “the one” can go either way.

We do not recommend that you talk about all these things on the first date.

We do not recommend that you try to figure out if he/she is “the one” on the first date. DOES GOD PREORDAIN RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN A HUSBAND AND WIFE OR ARE WE FREE TO CHOOSE OUR SPOUSE?

In a society where one-night stands are the norm, and relationships are regarded as disposable, how should we approach dating? In their eyes, dating is done solely for recreation and with no thought for future consequences.

Keep reading to find answers to our most frequently asked questions about dating. Oftentimes, men and women choose to date without giving any thought to marriage, and this is where we see people make messes.Either way, it is important to keep in mind that marriage is a continual pursuit of your partner.We believe that someone “becomes the one” when you marry them.The same could be true for a younger man paired with an older woman.It would be good to know why you are attracted to someone much older or younger than you. Are you trying to fill a void of parental love and affection? Moral Revolution believes that God put an internal line in each of us, that tells us what is/is not appropriate regarding our sexual choices.If you’re looking for someone to complete you, make you happy, solve your problems of loneliness and pain, then you’re probably not ready to date anyone. We all have a spot in us designed for God and God alone (sometimes referred to as the God Spot).

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