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Aired 6-7p ET • Clinton Wins Eight States & D.C, Trump Wins 13 States; CO, FL, MI, NC, NH, OH, PA, VA Too Early to Call.

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Aired 9-10p ET • CNN Special Report, First Daughter: Ivanka Trump; Sasha and Malia Obama's White House Childhood; Trump Administration Picks Under Fire; HHS Nominee Introduced Bill To Help Company He Invested In; Complaint; Wife Of Orlando Shooter Under Arrest; Gene Cernan, Last Astronaut On The Moon. Aired 10-11p ET • Special New Year's Eve Coverage.

Aired 9-10p ET • Countdown To 2017 with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin. Official: DNC Hacking Tools Point to Russia; Obama: "We Need to Take Action" Against Russia; Langley: Trump Thinks Russia Hack Used to Deligitimize Election; Trump to Be Deposed in Lawsuit Against Celebrity Chef; Van Jones Talks to Trump Voters in OH; Aleppo Evacuations Begin.

Aired 9-10p ET • Gay Marriage Now Legal; Osama Bin Laden Killed; War Using Technology; Enemies List; ISIS' Birth; Broken Promises; Climate Change; Dealing With Enemies; Historic Conversation; Reagan's Presidency.

Aired 10-11p ET • America's Choice: Trump's Stunning Victory Ignites Protests; Obama Promises A "Peaceful Transition"; Trump Not Turning to Insiders for Cabinet Positions; Reaction to Trump's Victory from Around the World.

Aired 1-2a ET • Protests Break Out after Trump's Stunning Victory; The Fallout After Trump Win.

Aired 1-2a ET • Historic Night Sees Donald Trump Win Presidency; Trump to Meet with Obama on Thursday; Trump Has 289 Electoral Votes.Aired 3-4a ET • Live Coverage of Election 2016; Donald Trump Leading Hillary Clinton in Electoral Votes.Aired 12-1a ET • Donald Trump Leading Presidential Race; Historic Revolution in American Election; Several States Too Close to Call. Looks For Signs of Election Hackers; Dow Soared After Comey Cleared Clinton in E-mail Investigation.Aired 1-2a ET • Election Night in America: Clinton Will Not Speak Tonight. Aired 1-2a ET • Trump Wins Indiana and Kentucky, Clinton Wins Vermont; Some Voting Extended in Key North Carolina County Due to Earlier Computer Problems; Standing By For Polls to Close in Three States.Aired 2-3a ET • America's Choice: Clinton, Trump Make Final Pitch Before Polls Open; Obama Makes Case for Clinton in Philadelphia; Candidates Release Ads with Final Messages; World Awaits U. Aired 7-8p ET • Standing By For Polls to Close in Six States.Aired 9-10p ET • Election Night in America; FL, NC, NH, OH, PA, VA, Too Early To Call; Standing By For Polls To Close In 14 States.

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