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Make it your intention to always be kind and respectful, even when you two don't agree.3. Curiosity can be your most powerful tool when dealing with a difference that's upsetting or stressful.Keep telling yourself that trying to understand isn't "giving in," and keep asking questions so that you truly can get a clear and accurate sense of where your partner is coming from.If you pretend that the differences aren't there, you're likely to run into tension and conflict.

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Love knows no age, but if you date only people who are members of a different generation, it might reveal something about your approach to relationships.

While people who date only people much younger or older than them owe no one an explanation, it may be helpful to consider underlying reasoning.

If you have an established career but your partner is still living with his or her parents, you could be in for a rocky ride.

Before you begin a relationship with someone much younger or older than you, it’s important to make a careful assessment of your motivations.

Find the courage to write your own happy relationship story.

No matter what studies and polls say, other people's experiences don't determine your (or our) experience.

What's great is that differences can also bring to a relationship a special something that you wouldn't have if you both were very alike.

This mix can actually add more passion to your relationship if you stay conscious and awake.

If you have a history of dating people who are significantly younger than you, maybe you like feeling like your partner admires your experience, or perhaps you’re just not physically attracted to other people your age.

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