1 config files in 39 etc 39 need updating

You can’t set this from within Python so you must put it in /etc/conf — hey, it was already there! Fortunately, you can test just freetds, without using /usr/local/etc/by doing You might want to do some of these tests within the Apache/mod_python context The main problems I had along those lines were Python’s path (solved in earlier post in .htaccess or in httpd.conf) and LD_LIBRARY_PATH solved above.New problem: Doing an update works in isql but fails in sqlalchemy, saying there is a datatype incompatibility (updating int with varchar).

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This command is useful for discovering when a change was made and by whom.

If you include --file, --user, or --date, the revision number is suppressed unless you also include --number.

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Also from the comments to the said post it also seems that the workaround will not work for a Click Once deployment.

Working around this I tried to remove the build action change requirement and at the same time add Click Once support.

Summary of free software layers we’re using in this project: pylons (mako, sqlalchemy, simplejson), dojo, python, apache, mod_python, pyodbc, simplejson, unix ODBC, freetds. We’re using Wing IDE Pro ($$) for editing under Windows, and vim for editing on westhost.

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The default is the basename of the archive, with suffixes removed. Options: Prepare a new changeset with the effect of REV undone in the current working directory.

If no conflicts were encountered, it will be committed immediately.

The Publish command inside Visual Studio triggers a build workflow different than through MSBuild command line and this was causing problems.

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