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For a full a list of practitioners go to is a social enterprise which helps people with hoarding problems (based in the Midlands and South East) founded by Heather Matuozzo, who is one of the most experienced and caring "de-clutterers" I've met and a staunch campaigner for Hoarders.Whilst it is obvious that de-cluttering is a crucial part of the process of recovering from hoarding, I feel it should be one of the final stages of treatment, and should form part of an on-going treatment plan with a therapist.

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Find certified practitioners in the UK on try the self help videos below. To find a therapist in your area go to ask your Doctor.

Kathryn Deyn, otherwise known as The Memory Whisperer is an EFT practitioner based in Lincolnshire, that has been working with my mum. Find information & details of counsellors or psychotherapists that deal with hoarding on A Hypnotherapist may be able to help you communicate with your subconscious for lasting change. If you would like to experience hypnosis download this free relaxation mp3 by Robin Hobson.

The following are a few that say they can work with hoarders, but I cannot personally vouch for them: Stuff U Sell is a fantastic service which really helped my mum de-clutter.

They will collect, sort and sell your items on e Bay, donating to charity or disposing of anything that can't be economically sold. Other Clearance companies who state they can work sensitively in hoarded environments include the below: offer sympathetic house clearance nationwide, and offer 10% discount to referrals from this site Tel: 0800 58 78 783 house clearance company who specialise in hoarded houses and recycle or donate 90% of everything they clear.

Some people with hoarding problems have found EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) very helpful in reprocessing experiences that may have triggered their hoarding.

For more information and to find a therapist visit Health kinesiology is a gentle energy technique that works on the mental, emotional, Spiritual and physical aspects of challenges that we face.

For details click here or read there blog here The Hoarding Peer Support Group Tower Hamlets, run by hoarders for hoarders, meets on the 3rd Sunday of each month.

Address: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, E1 1ES (nearest Tube, whitechapel) From 6-9pm.

Some house clearance companies may be willing to buy your stuff, and some local authorities may be able to collect large items for recycling or disposal.

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